Local Lady Media

Fine Lens Crafting by your Favorite Local Lady in Media

US Virgin Islands

Local Lady Prints are ready for you! I recommend not using image wrapping but rather the black or white wrap so you get the full photo. Also, make sure your country is US and state Virgin Islands for Shipping purposes. Shipping takes about 2-4 weeks to the Virgin Islands. If you're getting a framed photo to the Virgin Islands, I recommend contacting me to have that done on island. It's faster. If it's a canvas, then feel free to use the website. Hope you love your prints! *The orders will be sent immediately to the printing facility. Printing is an art and depending on what type of print was ordered, it may take between 1-7 days. Once completed, the print will be securely packaged and shipped in accordance to the customer’s shipping preference. All orders are final. For questions, concerns and shipping info email anders@darkroom.tech

Nikon D610

85mm f1.8

50mm f1.8

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